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The Beauty in All Book

Award-winning jewelry designer Jose Hess, one of the original leaders of the American designer jewelry movement, was often asked, “How do you come about creating your designs?
”He often answered, in a simple way,

It’s a flower, it’s the morning rising sun, it’s a tree, the leaves. It’s all love.”

After humble beginnings and a lifetime of achievement in the art of jewelry design, with a past strewn with awards and a present studded with philanthropy, America's Award-Winning Jewelry Designer Jose Hess shares his personal reflections on a life well-lived. The Beauty in All holds universal truths for all of us, now shared and memorialized by life partner and award-winning colleague, Magdalena Hess. Share in the personal philosophy behind a life of accomplishment in the arts. In this new book, Jose shares what precepts led him to happiness, fulfilment, and success. 
“I am blessed to have had Jose as a soulmate, creative partner, friend, husband, and the love of my life" Magdalena Hess

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