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The Jose Hess Design Awards

The Jose Hess Design Awards non-profit is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating exceptional talent in the design industry of fine Jewelry. 

Announcing the Winners of the 'Connection' Theme

Celebrating the Enduring Legacy of Designer Jose Hess. The American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC) and The Jose Hess Design Awards were established to honor Hess's influence and inspire emerging designers.

In the 1960s, Jose Hess revolutionized the American jewelry landscape by advocating for recognition of individual design prowess. His insistence on artistic merit over generic mass-production reshaped industry standards, leaving a lasting impact on jewelry innovation.

The Jose Hess Design Awards and Acknowledging the significant contribution from our industry friends

  • The JCK Industry Fund
  • Platinum Guild International
  • World Gold Council
  • GIA - Gemological Institute of America
  • Rapaport
  • Jewelers of America
  • Women's Jewelry Association
  • American Gem Trade Association
  • Direct Dimensions
  • Yanna
  • A3DM Technologies
  • Jewelers Mutural Group

The Jose Hess Design Awards Trophy:

The inaugural trophy is particularly poignant because it is one that Jose and Magdalena’s designed from a necklace design.

"The AJDC theme for this year is called 'Connection,' and that is what it took to complete this trophy," says Magdalena Hess. "It was a true connection of artists in different industries that brought this sculpture to life."

The five-inch sculpture depicts a sphere created in an interwoven design signifying how the world is interconnected, yet the sphere connections suggest individuality and unique talent, perfect for its presentation to an emerging jewelry designer. The design is based on a series of sketches Hess created together with Magdalena, a designer in her own right. Magdalena made some adjustments to the original design as a team of seven artists worked to create the trophy.