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Article: Arlene Francis Jose Hess Diamond Heart Necklace

Jose Hess and Arlene Francis Diamond Heart

Arlene Francis Jose Hess Diamond Heart Necklace

Arlene Francis Jose Hess Diamond Heart Necklace (1988)

Arlene Francis was known for wearing a heart-shaped diamond pendant on nearly all of her 'What's My Line' appearances. The pendant, given to her on her first wedding anniversary by her husband, Martin Gabel, was unfortunately stolen by a mugger as Francis was exiting a New York City taxi in 1988. By the time of the theft, Gabel had already passed away in 1986. In an episode of the syndicated 'What's My Line,' Arlene mentioned that she never took the necklace off.

After hearing this heart-breaking story, designer Jose Hess created a similar heart necklace. This new necklace was presented to Arlene Francis at a surprise luncheon she attended. XOXOXO."


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